Memories for a Lifetime

Landa GiraavaruThe special relationship that photography has shared with tourism over the years is something to marvel at. One age old tradition of tourists which has remained over the years is the post trip ritual goes through of looking through and sharing their memories of the trip via photographs. Whether they are seasoned travellers who venture of to far distant lands or people who prefer to travel in groups this ritual has been persistent. In contrast to the olden days, going through the bulking photo album of their recent travels with friends and family has been replaced with the uploading of photos on social media. Though the medium has changed, the essence has remained. Photography has gone hand in hand with tourism since its beginning. It serves as a source of advertisement, memento and often as a guide to future travels.

With such a magical connection that photography has with tourism, we at Maldivian Traveller provide these travellers with an opportunity with those picture perfect moments. Our tours are customized to ensure travellers are able to experience those moments that are pictured and advertised. From tourists who wish to view the perfect sunset or the ones who years to put their feet in front of a crystal clear blue waters and enjoy life, Maldives Traveller is ready to guide you to those exact moments. Creating memories is what we do best and with an amazingly wide range of products, we are guaranteed that we would be able to find that perfect memorable experience for you.



Maldivian Resorts

With the emergence of Maldives as a tourist destination in the 1970’s, it has not looked back and is now regarded as one of the most prestigious and amazing island destinations in the world. With its unique feature of having one resort per island, the Maldives offers its guests seclusion, privacy and intimacy.

Now featuring over a hundred resorts, each unique on its own right; Maldives can be your perfect holiday destination, be it honeymoon,family vacations or a spa getaway.

We at Maldives Traveller, aim to provide you with an extensive coverage of some of the most prestigious and exclusive resorts in the Maldives. Each hotel is selected for its dedication to the highest standard of luxury, unique sophistication and surrounding innovative facilities